Getting Started > take the guided tour to learn about notifications

To get the latest information on how to subscribe to CompassNet Notifications: 

  • Sign into CompassNet
  • Click name at the upper right to reveal a dropdown menu
  • Select Getting Started
  • View each item listed on the right 
  • A green checkmark indicates:
    • that you have completed the task in the tour. 
    • However, you can click on any section and go through the tutorial again or click on any section to view just that part of the tour.  
    • For notifications instructions click on Settings.

  • Notifications
    • As indicated in the tour, some additional setup is required to receive Announcements and News. 
    • Click the Edit Options link in the Setup column for each content type for which they would like to receive notification, and then click the boxes for My Child’s Groups labeled Academics and Advisory.
    • Doing so will assure that every time a teacher posts an Announcement or News item in either Academic or Advisory area, AND leaves the Notifications box on that item clicked to ON, the parent will receive an email or text per their preference in Settings.
  • Users can NOT subscribe to posts to Links, Downloads, or Photos.

Getting Started > As A Parent:

Please pay particularly close attention to the tour section labeled “As a Parent.” By selecting the specific student from their Children dropdown menu on the left, you can view all groups to which your student is a member.

You can then systematically go through the list if he/she wishes to view whatever the teacher has posted to those pages. When content has been posted, and published, it will appear there under the content type headings e.g. Downloads, News, Announcements, Links, Photos. Likewise, the homework posted in Assignments appears in the Assignments tab on those pages.

Similarly, all content posted to these pages automatically appears in the Recent Activity stream and is unique to each person depending upon their own membership in groups as well as their student’s memberships in groups.