Use this solution if you are trying to transfer videos or photos from an iPad (particularly a personally or student owned one) to your computer.

  1. Connect iPad to computer using USB cable. If the iPad has a pop-up asking if you trust the device, click “Trust.”

  2. Open iPhoto (it may open automatically when you connect the iPad.)

  3. Under the “Devices” category in the left panel, select the connected iPad. All of the stored videos and photos should now be viewable.

  4. Select the video or photo you would like to transfer, and click “Import Selected” in the upper right-hand corner of iPhoto.

  • Depending on how many items you are importing and the size of the items, it may take a moment to finish importing.
  • It will ask you if you like keep or delete the photos from the iPad after importing. Unless you have a reason to remove the files, just click “Keep Photos.”


The video is now on your computer and can be played in iPhoto at any time. If that is all you need to do, stop here. If you need to share the file or just save it elsewhere, continue to the next steps.

  1. Under the “Library” category in the left panel, select “Photos.” Any imported videos or photos should show up here.

  2. Find the video or photo you like to move, and hover the mouse over it. When hovering over it, you should see a small arrow in the bottom right corner of the video or photo. Click it and a menu will pop-up. Select “Copy.” (You can also bring up this menu by holding down the Control key while clicking the file.)

  3. Open the Finder and find a location you would like to save the file (Documents, Desktop, Movies, etc.) When you have the location opened, select “Edit” from the menubar, and click “Paste Item.” (Or use the hotkey Command+V.)

The file should now copy to that location and you can now share it however you need.